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Our online marketplace makes it easy to buy from local artists, makers and small businesses from throughout the Tampa Bay region. Our marketplace is brought to you by LocalShops1.

Why Local Matters

When you buy from a local business, not only do you help preserve our community's charm, but you also help the local economy: 70 cents of every dollar spent at a locally owned business stays in your local community; when you shop at Amazon or big box stores, less than half that stays local.

LocalShops1 is subsidizing all costs to develop and maintain this site, and not collecting any listing fees or commissions. So all your money goes directly to local makers and small businesses, except for credit card transaction fees. Unfortunately we can't control those fees.

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Million-Dollar Mission

It takes 50,000 locals spending just $20 each on a local business to pump $1 million into our local economy. We can do that!

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