Peaceful Pallets

Creating craft, furniture and functional art from recycled and upcycled materials. Process often includes wood burning, painting, and staining in design.

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A little confusing bc the website reply was that I had to wait until the seller approved my purchase. But it happened very quickly and the item arrived quite soon after I placed the order. That said, the whimsical mermaid is as cute as she can be. I have her perched on my door to nowhere until I decide on her permanent home.

Susan MacMillan about listing Whimsical Mermaids 2 years ago.

AMAZING!! Fantastic work! And great ideas for our custom pieces. Wonderful working with you. Thank you so very much!!!

JA McLauchlan about listing JA Kitchen Project 2 years ago.

Mermaid looks great, I got it as a garden gift and it is perfect!

Christina Kypriotakis about listing Whimsical Mermaids 2 years ago.