Connors Goody Bag

Having been diagnosed with Gluten Intolerant Celiac Disease, Laura went on a mission to find quality, and delicious, substitutes for some of her favorite gluten heavy foods. Why should a food sensitivity keep her from enjoying the foods she loves? After several years of searching, sampling, and mostly disliking the Gluten Free options available, Laura, and her husband Brian, decided to put their culinary skills to good use and create their own collection of Gluten Free desserts, and added in some Keto Friendly desserts as well!

The journey is now complete. We have created some of the most delicious Gluten Free and Keto Friendly desserts on the planet! Using the best ingredients, our creative baking skills, and our total commitment to providing desserts to EVERYONE! You don’t have to have a gluten allergy to enjoy our goodies, they are delicious to anyone with taste buds! We present to you Connor’s Goody Bag- Because food sensitivities shouldn't come between you and your sweet tooth!

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