Embrew Tea

I prefer simplicity whenever I can have it. I’m a mom, a wife, a 9-5 go-getter, a health nut, and I love to travel. I'm Ashley Haywood and simplicity is important to me so that I can juggle all of these things and still have time for my entrepreneurial projects.

For years, I was looking for single-serve sweetened tea bags because it just made sense for my on-the-go daily activities. Finally, one day I sat down at the kitchen table here in St Petersburg, FL and cut open an awful grocery store tea bag and added sugar to it. The concept was born, but what happened next became not only important to me, but to the world.

After extensive recipe exploration and ingredient sourcing, I've perfected the sweetness and flavor for each brew. There's no question of how much honey is too much honey (we know what it's like to get heavy handed with that honey bear) or having to wait for-freaking-ever for the crystalized honey to fall down enough to squeeze out. When I realized I had created time itself – literal minutes, I had to share it with tea people everywhere.

Embrew tea bags are made from unbleached bamboo and paper, filled with custom blends of high-quality, loose-leaf grade tea ground and blended with craft sweeteners like granulated maple, honey, coconut palm sugar, bourbon smoked sugar and lemon-infused organic sugar.

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Thanks so much for such prompt delivery! I will certainly enjoy.