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My Ocean Minded Creations...
I have spent years of being in sales and marketing and in the day to day stresses of the corporate world. I have always found peace and tranquility in creating! For 15 years I traveled the southeastern United Sates setting up at festivals and events. Now, thanks to technology, I am able to showcase, share and sell my ocean minded creations online. My love, passion and respect for the beach, the sea and all its inhabitants is illustrated in my creations. One of my favorite sea creatures is the sea turtle. I support and volunteer for several organizations that help protect this beautiful endangered species. I am also involved in rescuing our wildlife. I am blessed to live on the beach!
I hand gather sea shells, coral, and drift wood from the local beaches and incorporate them into my creations. I started upcycling old pallets to create nautical and beach themed signs. These signs can add to your ocean, nautical and beach themed decor.

My ocean minded creations are a way I share a piece of our beaches and oceans with you and at the same time give back to preserving our precious planet and endangered species.

Preserve the Oceans • Protect Endangered Species • Save Our Planet

So, here are my creations! I hope you enjoy them!

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