Alexander Hamilton Home Office Wall Window Decor

Display this trifecta of history, intrigue and murder all while humming the familiar tunes from the hit musical. Celebrate the book (here, sporting a Book Beads Exclusive vintage cover) the way history meant it to be: factual and alive!

Rendered in clay, painted, burnished, fired and glazed, these tiny book "adornaments" serve as a timeless memento and are a whimsical addition to your tinseled tree. Our exclusive laser cut frame is made from 3 mm thick plywood and is both sturdy and delicate.

It can be used year-round! Hang it in your home office, decorate a sparse dorm wall, display it on a window as a sun catcher or trim a tree with it! This is one tiny book that will fill up your space accordingly. Perfect for bookworms and book lovers alike!

◉ Sculpted from 100% polymer clay
◉ Crisp sharp images burnished, painted then baked permanently on clay surface
◉ Water resistant - triple sealed and glazed
◉ Durable – will outlast any mini book constructed from paper
◉ Mini book does not open
◉ Book Dimensions: 38 x 25 x 4 mm
◉ Overall Framed Ornament Dimensions: 80 x 80 mm
◉ Our laser cut wood frame is made of 3 mm thick plywood
◉ HANDLE WITH CARE: sturdy wood frame with delicate filigree carving can snap off with prolonged, inquisitive finger testing
◉ Lightweight: each book ornament weighs 0.75 oz or 23 grams
◉ Comes packaged in a clear cushioned pillow box for year-round storage.
◉ Handmade in the USA. Book beads take at least 3 weeks to create
◉ Can be used year round!
◉ The Literary Charm is a small family-run artisanal business specializing in sculpted polymer clay miniature books used in jewelry, accessories and home decor.

Locally Designed/Handcrafted?: Yes
Your County: Elsewhere Around Tampa Bay