Aura Sprays

You can choose between several blends. You will find detailed descriptions below. Each bottle comes in a 2 fl oz Glass Bottle (Please note; some blends are of Pure Essential Oils & also Fragrance Oils. If you have sensitivity to fragrance oils, please be advised <3 )

Mama's Medicine
Pure Essential Oil Blend
Mama's Medicine is a blench of Sweet Orange and Ginger Essential oils and is formulated to relieve nausea. Pinches of Moonstone and Citrine help remove dizziness, nausea, and morning sickness. Black Tourmaline and Rose Quartz help welcome love.

Pure Essential Oil & Fragrance Oil Blend
"Caretaker" is a blend of Patchouli, Amber, a dash of Blood Orange, and a pinch of Lime. This is a sensual, loving aroma. Rose buds will help attract love and passion, Hibiscus will open your heart to love while you relax & let go of your fears. Red Jasper will bring empowerment and strength to resist emotional domination from others. Amethyst will help with calmness.

Pure Essential Oil Blend
"Visionary" will wake your senses with a blend of Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, and Spearmint. A single piece Black Tourmaline will repel any negative energy as you step into a lighter vibration. Opalite will help amplify your creative energy. A pinch of Rosemary will strengthen your memory around your new creations.

Pure Essential Oil & Fragrance Oil Blend
Refocus and reset your vibration with the "Dreamer" Aura Spray. This spray was created to help you focus in on your dreams and create something beautiful from them. Spritz liberally. Fresh Chamomile buds with spark the dreamer in you while Rosemary will keep the creative energy flowing. Amazonite bits will calm and soothe while the Smoky Quartz will remove negative vibrations.

Pure Essential Oil & Fragrance Oil Blend
Spray a fine mist over your body and around you to refocus your vibration, tap into abundance, and let love in. If you like "Caretaker" than you will LOVE "Abundance. The aroma is almost identical! Sweet Amber and a warm patchouli. For herbs and crystals I added:

-1 piece of Peridot which is a positive energy stone that attracts abundance.
-A Couple Pieces of Green Adventurine, a lucky Stone that aids in manifesting abundance
-2 pinches of Citrine which encourages fullness of life, positivity, fresh beginnings, and new pursuits.
-Sprinkle of Nutmeg which is said to draw financial luck, money, and career success into your life.

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