Mini Smudge Kit

The smudge kit is packaged in a resealable 4x6 poly bag

Powered by Black Tourmaline, this kit will promote letting go of past traumas or fear, protect and cleanse.

Sage- Burning Sage will cleanse a space or a person, promoting healing and wisdom. Allow the smoke from the Sage to engulf all areas you wish to cleanse.

Palo Santo- “Holy Wood”. The uplifting aroma while burned will raise your vibration in preparation for meditation and allows for a deeper connection to the source of all creation.

Black Tourmaline stone- This stone will absorb and cleanse dense and negative energy and transform it into a lighter vibration.

Abalone shell- Using the energy of the ocean, the Abalone shell will help catch any hot cinders or ash that come from your Sage and Palo Santo. Practical and beautiful.

Also includes a book of matches.

Instructions for use:
Light your sage and let the smoke engulf the areas you wish to cleanse. You may want to use it to surround yourself or a specific space. Continue on with your Palo Santo, repeating the same path you took with your Sage. Use your Abalone shell to catch any embers or ash. Hold your Black Tourmaline stone in your hands and imagine your fears, worries, and anxiety being sucked into the black crystals. Breathe in deeply and let go.

Locally Designed/Handcrafted?: Yes
Your County: Pinellas County