Day of the Dead Print

These three 8x10 prints are part of a series of 6 unique acrylic & ink Dia de los Muertos pieces by The Art of Pamela Joy Trow.

Choose among:

  • "The Lake-El Lago" is an image of a skeleton mermaid holding a bouquet of flowers swimming in a lake among skeleton fish, a frog, and a turtle. A snorkeling diver is mesmerized watching how the mermaid avoids the fishing rods of three skeleton fishermen fishing off the pier.

  • "The Journey-El Viaje" is an image of a bride holding her bouquet into the wind. Her bridesmaid is driving them down a desert road in a pink Cadillac. The bride's beau waits for her at the end of the road with a red rose. A rattlesnake skeleton crosses the road.

  • "The Visit–La Visita" is an image of a lovely woman reclining on her unique fainting sofa. She is receiving a visit from a mariachi beau.

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