Kids Saving Oceans Sticker!

All circle stickers are 3.5" and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Each sticker is designed by Miles, founder and CEO of Kids Saving Oceans, and brought to life by his illustrator. The proceeds from each sticker sold is donated to an ocean or beach conservation nonprofit organization that is working everyday to protect our beautiful city!

Select from the following stickers and list your choice(s) in the comments section. Price listed is for one sticker.

Original Logo Sticker
Sea Turtles
Whale Shark
Puppy + Boy
Tide Pools
Oceans are Rising Note - this sticker is a
4X3 inch rectangle

Kids Saving Oceans was founded by local kid, Miles (age 7), to help protect our oceans, beaches, and waterways. Your purchase helps Miles get to his goal of donating one million dollars by the time he's 18! All items are locally designed and manufactured overseas.

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