Rebecca's Bees

We are a mother-daughter team, Gail and Rebecca Conroy, who keep bee hives in Pinellas County, Florida, at three apiaries. We fell in love with bees in 2006 with our first hive on the roof. Our bees pollinate millions of flowers within a 5 mile radius, connecting us to the ecosystem we live in.

We keep natural small cell bees, which are more adapted to warm weather and with their smaller size are able to pollinate different flowers than larger, more commonly kept bees. Before keeping bees we did not know that pests can assail them and many beekeepers use chemical and other treatments in their hives. We don't use any treatments in our hives because we believe in working with the bees naturally and holistically. We manage bee diseases and pests without chemicals and we don’t feed soy pollen substitute, corn syrup or sugar. We harvest pure honey by hand and leave our bees plenty for themselves. The honey our bees produce is local, as contaminate-free as possible, raw, and unfiltered.

We have built a small business together sharing our honey and other bee gifts. I am truly blessed to work with my mom, who is resourceful, dedicated to nature, and inspired. As our time with the bees grows, we are finding that the best gifts from the bees are their medicines. Pollen, propolis, beeswax candles, breathing the air from the hives and even their stings have health benefits we are still exploring with wonder.


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