Sunshine Everyday

Sunshine Everyday was created in 2006 after my cousin announced one day that she loved to dance so much that she was going to “Dance Everyday!” A light bulb went off and I thought “Right! Do what you love and love what you do . . .EVERYDAY!”

When I was a little girl, my grandfather (whom I adored!) always called me his little Sunshine. And my brother, when we were little tykes, couldn't say Sandy, so called me Sanee which eventually translated to Sunny. So I named my company Sunshine Everyday and created a mascot named Sunny Ray.

And so the idea was born and with the help of my son, Toby, who is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, the inspirational designs just kept coming. What do you feel when you're happy? How can you spread that feeling to others? We need more of that in our world today.

Our designs include Sing, Laugh, Play! Peace, Pray, Love! Breathe! Celebrate! Hope! Soar! and many more. We even created designs for dog and cat lovers (Wag everyday and Purr everyday!) And designs to show love for Mother Earth (Earth Day, Recycle, and Green everyday) We even have Chocolate everyday - now that should bring a smile to everyone's face!

I have put these designs on T-shirts (various styles, but all high quality) and some designs are embroidered onto caps and printed onto zippered tote bags. My hope is that everyone will find a design or style to help express their positivity . . .everyday!

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