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I'm Ms. Terry, a local voice and performing arts instructor, native Floridian, and now also a soap designer! I've been making soap for myself for quite some time. Having sensitive red-head type skin, I wanted to have some control over what I put on my skin. This led me to a lot of research and study before I was brave enough to try making anything. I've been hand crafting these soaps for over a year, and while I am always learning and experimenting, I'm very happy with the products I create. I recently opened my website: You can follow me on Facebook by searching @msTsoap and also follow my Instagram at msterryssoapsnsuch. If you are interested in ordering something you see on my Facebook, Instagram, or website that you don't see listed here, or something you don't see at all, let me know in an email to and I will create a custom order for you to purchase here.

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Super creative soap. Looking forward to another purchase.