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Tampa Bay Community Marketplace, Powered by LocalShops1

This is a place for Tampa Bay area artists, makers and locally owned small businesses to sell  goods and services.  

About LocalShops1:   LocalShops1 is Tampa Bay's leading advocate for local artists, makers and small businesses.  LocalShops1 manages and maintains this community marketplace as a community service, with no cost for businesses to participate through December 2022.  After that we might institute small fees to cover our costs, but we're taking this all one day at a time.  LocalShops1 membership is not required to participate, but it is very much appreciated. Membership options are at

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Thanks to our Sponsors!

Why Local Matters
When you buy from a local business, not only do you help preserve our community's charm, but you also help the local economy: 70 cents of every dollar spent at a locally owned business stays in your local community; when you shop at Amazon or big box stores, less than half that stays local.

LocalShops1, with the support of our sponsors, is subsidizing all costs to develop and maintain this site, and not collecting any listing fees or commissions. So all your money goes directly to local makers and small businesses, except for credit card transaction fees. Unfortunately we can't control those fees.