2-Pack Spice Blend, Sweet & Savory

Here is what you get in this spice pack from Pirate Jonny's:

  • Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Blend, 3.6 oz: We took our American taste buds to Jamaica and came up with a National Award winner, without the harshness. Our Pirate Jonny’s sweet Jamaican Jerk is a bottle full of Caribbean flavor, just the right amount of heat, and sweet tropical goodness with low sodium! Yarr...tis good eatin'!

  • Fajita Cariba Seasoning Blend. 3 oz: Great all-around seasoning for seafood, chicken, beef and pork. A unique blend of smoked paprika and fresh ground coriander to give you a mild citrusy smokey flavor for your grilling and cooking. Try some today, you will be hooked!

Locally Designed/Handcrafted?: Yes
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