Graphic Design Services From Grimalkin Studio

Interested in having a bit of photo editing done, a vector made or a logo designed?

Grimalkin Studio offers local design services for small businesses, makers and artists.

Starting at just 4.95 per image for basic editing.

Basic Service Include:
Cropping your images and cleaning.
Adjust white balance.
Adjust exposure and contrast.
Adjust color vibrancy and saturation.
Sharpen images.

Discount price’s on large quantities & additional special services are available .

Simple black and white vector image 20.00 each

Logo Design
Fee is 25.00 an hour for design time with a 75.00 set fee which includes our initial chat, emailing the proofs back and forth as well as sending you the final product files.

Grimalkin Studio uses the highest industry standard.
Adobe's Photoshop 2020 , Adobe Lightroom, & Adobe Illustrator

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