Chakra Smudge Bundle

Chakra flower smudge bundles can be burned or set on your altar. Each bundle is about 8-9 inches long and includes:

  • 1 palo Santo
  • 1 selenite wand (3 inches)
  • white sage
  • botanical blend
  • charm
  • feather

Crystals are cleared and reiki charged:

crown- clear crystal quartz
3rd eye- amethyst
throat- lapis la
heart- prehnite
solar plexus- tigers eye
sacral - citrine
root- garnet

Smudging is used to energetically cleanse the body or any space, and invite positive energy. The smoke fills the room and purifies the environment. Palo Santo sticks are blessed for new home, to purify negative energies and keep you grounded and clear. Palo Santo or Holy wood has been used for many centuries by indigenous people of the Andes. It is a wild tree native from Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula to Peru and Venezuela.

Selenite can be used to charge or cleanse your crystals.

How to use

  • Set an intention
  • Light the palo Santo stick at an angle
  • After 30 seconds to a minute blow out the flame
  • Use your feather to direct the smoke
  • Visualize the smoke thing away negative energy and replacing it with positive energy
  • Continue to smudge your space, body and crystals press stick onto the shell until the fire is out

Never leave unattended. Use a heat/ fire-proof dish when extinguishing the flame, and always keep away from flammable objects when lighting and using. Buyer takes full responsible when purchasing.

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