Needlefish Woodblock Prints

""Needlefish Woodblock Print**
Needlefish often swim in clear shallow water of our Gulf beaches, their silvery sides making them almost invisible. All you see are little eyes in the shimmering water. They also have wicked sharp teeth, perfect for catching other little fish. They look very prehistoric!

On a recent swim I spied a few needlefish near the surface and was inspired to make this print. It would make unique decor for a seafood restaurant, a kitchen or dining room. Ideal for a beach house, or wherever you want to remember a seaside visit.

Design, carved and hand printed by Polly Perkins, at Polly's Studio in St Petersburg, this print was made from two different blocks. The wet ink was dusted with silvery powder, giving it a subtle shimmery effect not easy to capture in a photo.

Two versions are available, one with silvery overtones, the other more golden and warm. Both have 8x12” image area, and could be framed as is, in standard size frames widely available.

Silver version is signed, numbered and titled in pencil, with a chop/stamp of my initials. The markings on left bottom indicates this is the 12th impression in a Variable Edition of 12. Paper is 10 ¾” by 13 ½”, and tucked into corners of an 12x16” heavy watercolor paper

Golden version is cropped to the edge of the image, tucked into acid free stained paper as shown, and mounted on 11x14” acid free heavy watercolor paper.

Price is per print, let me know which one you want when purchasing.

Comes to you with glassine sheet protector and safely packed with cardboard stiffeners. Sales tax included in price, shipping to US addresses only.

Locally Designed/Handcrafted?: Yes
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