Sunflower Crystal Horseshoe

Lucky horseshoe
dried sunflower
other dried botanicals
clear quartz crystals
citrine crystals

horseshoe is 6 inches x 6 inches
it is painted white

The horseshoe with crystals and flowers......the legend of the horse shoe and why it said to bring luck... St Dunstan and the Horseshoe legend
But perhaps the most striking and specific reference to the horseshoe as a protective (and lucky) symbol comes from ancient England: Here, lived a man named Dunstan (909 – 988 AD) who later on became the country’s favoriteSaint. While doing some work as a blacksmith, Dunstan is said to have nailed a horseshoe to a horse. But, the horse was actually the Devil in disguise and it caused the Devil great pain. Dunstan was said to have agreed to remove the shoe and release the Devil only after he promised never to enter a house (like his) which was displaying a horseshoe. And so, the symbol of protection and goodness arose

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