Blue Mussels Framed Woodblock Print

Beautiful, tasty meals of blue mussels inspired this woodblock print. It features an ocean blue background, yellow mussel flesh, silvery shell interiors and golden byssal threads the creatures use to attach themselves to rocks and each other. The repeating pattern of shell shapes gives it a contemporary flare. This shellfish print will add a cool color accent to your kitchen, eating area or restaurant.

This artist print is matted in an acid-free archival 8-ply mat, and framed in modern black wood frame, 17x21” outside dimensions. Image size is 8 by 12 inches.

My woodcut prints are designed, carved and hand-pulled by Polly Perkins, here in Polly's Studio in St Pete, from three wood blocks in several colors. My prints are made in small limited editions. Traditionally signed, titled and numbered in pencil below the image.

Pick up at a mutually convenient location and time. Let me know your Tampa Bay neighborhood when you purchase. If you need to have it shipped, please contact me for a price

Locally Designed/Handcrafted?: Yes
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