Arts in Letters 1-Year Subscription

Hold history in your hands and learn about the lives of great creators when you read Arts in Letters, the arts and science-themed letter subscription.

Every week for a year you'll receive a transcription of a real letter written by one of history's great creative minds. Letter writers are chosen from a rotating selection in the fields of Science, Literature, Art, and Music. You'll read actual letters by people such as Einstein, Dickens, Van Gogh, and Mozart, learning about their lives and works through their own words.

You'll also receive bio and background information on the people and events mentioned in the letters, all printed on quality parchment to give it a vintage feel.

Sending a gift? Include a gift message when you order and it will be written out by hand and included with your giftee's first letter.

Letters go out by first class mail over the weekend. The first letter for orders received by midnight EST Wednesday goes out the following Saturday. Want your subscription to start a different week? Just include that information with your order and I'll take care of it!

Shipping is included, domestic and international.

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