Microwave Bowl Holder

The Microwave Bowl holder protects your hands when taking the hot bowl out of the microwave. No more looking for a towel or potholders to take out a bowl.

Place your bowl of food in the holder, put the whole thing in the microwave and warm. It is a safe, secure way to handle hot bowls.

Microwave holders are made of 100% cotton materials and Pellon wrap 'n zap batting.

Try one for yourself and one for a gift.

Specify which design you’d like:

  • peppers
  • beach
  • butterflies
  • rainbow dogs
  • lighthouse
  • sailboats
  • green apples
  • tomatoes
  • fish
  • summer flowers
  • dog prints
  • dog bones
  • cartoon dogs
Locally Designed/Handcrafted?: Yes
Your County: Pinellas County