Oyster Shell Mirror

Ever wonder what the "other" side of oyster shells look like? They vary in size, shape and color. This Oyster Shell Mirror is one of a kind. You will not see another like it! The mirror is just the right size so it can fit almost anywhere, the colors will blend and compliment most wall spaces and it is just a really cool mirror! ☀️

This is a heavy mirror so special care is needed when packaging and hanging. Shipping is included in price. Delivery can also be arranged.

As always, I only use shells which I have collected, mostly on the West Coast of Florida. I clean each one (several times!) to bring them as close to their natural state as possible. Cleaning shells is a process in itself and I do it with love and care. After cleaning, I meticulously select and place each shell to achieve the beauty you see in these photos.

Locally Designed/Handcrafted?: Yes
Your County: Pinellas County