“Do More of What Makes You Happier” Bag

Whatever you like to do that makes you happier, the “Do more of what makes you happier.” Always-Ready Bag is the perfect companion. It will hold all the little things you need; and it never complains.

It's perfectly sized for most hobbies and fun outings. It’s big enough to hold all the small and medium-sized items you might need, but small enough to still fit into your shoulder bag or backpack. With its collapsible design (with a 4.5-inch gusset at the bottom), it takes up just the amount of space all your items require.

The prominently featured slogan "Do more of what makes you happier" will motivate you to do exactly that. Good for you!

Want to encourage someone else to do more of what makes them happier? Use this bag as a reusable “gift bag” and fill it with things that would bring that person joy.

Locally Designed/Handcrafted?: Yes
Your County: Pinellas County