Citrus Blossom Soy Candles 4 oz

100% smooth creamy soy wax candle with a cotton core wick and the most delectable fragrances. Burn time = 25+ hours

Select from the following scents


Cucumber Mint - Cool as a cucumber and minty fresh. This candle has the aroma of freshly sliced cucumber & spearmint combined to create a crisp and clean scent that is refreshing, relaxing, and rejuvenating.

Florida Sunshine -this soy candle can best be described as happiness in a jar! A very uplifting combination of juicy Florida sweet oranges and tangerines fused with sweet Georgia peaches. Sure to give you a bright sunshiny day.

Inhale/Exhale - Feeling run down, stuffy headed or just blah? Breathe in this eucalyptus and peppermint blend - it will clear the cobwebs and your sinuses!
Note: Does NOT cause drowsiness or affect your ability to operate heavy machinery.

Island Paradise - Beautiful blend of ocean, citrus, and coconut. Reminiscent of the sun setting over the ocean as the waves lap at your bare feet. Ahhhh, paradise found!

Kickin Back in the Burg - Great combination of grass, mandarin, and coconut will make you smile and relax - like a warm sunny afternoon in a park. Anyone up for some Frisbee?

Lemon Bliss - Feeling down in the dumps? Well, just take a whiff of this beautiful scent. With a large dose of invigorating lemon to awaken your senses and a bit of sweetness to soften the edges. This fresh and energizing scent is pure bliss!

Parisian Vanilla - As smooth as rich and creamy classic French ice cream. This delicious Parisian vanilla scent is that of caramelized custard with egg yolk and slightly floral - c'est magnifique!

Sweet Pea - A perfect scent for your sweetie. With it's charming and romantic fragrance, of sweet peas, lily of the valley, and summer melon, you can't go wrong with this pick!

Tiki Hut - Keep calm and pretend you're at the beach! This wonderful blend of tropical coconut, warm sandalwood, and cool ocean will conjure up visions of the sun, the sand, and the tiki hut by the sea.

Locally Designed/Handcrafted?: Yes
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