15 Best Selling Soap Collection Set

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This practical eco-friendly packaged set includes :

15 full size bars of our best selling classic soaps
1 mesh soap saver bag

The 15 Best Selling Soaps included in the set are:
-- Patchouli Avocado Oil Soap
-- Tea Tree Charcoal Soap
-- Empress' Secret Spa Soap
-- Coffee Mint Olive Oil Soap
-- Aloe Vera Avocado Oil Soap
-- Eucalyptus Minty Bath Soap
-- Minty Verbena Refreshing Soap
-- Cucumber Mint Soap
-- Citrus Blend Avocado Soap
-- Cypress Sea Clay Soap
-- Honey & Oats Goat Milk Soap (unscented)
-- Lemongrass Sage Olive Oil Soap
-- Orange Ginger Apricot Oil Soap
-- Lavender Shea Butter Soap
-- May Chang Red Clay Soap

(Note: The combinations of the soap are subject to change by the inventory)

Locally Designed/Handcrafted?: Yes
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