Selvage Bath Mat

Since the beginning of time, quilting and sewing patterns have begun with the following phrase: "cut off selvages, and discard."

Now we know better.

These woven ends of fabric bolts are printed with tantalizing information about the fabric: sometimes the designers name, or the company that produced it. Some of them have splashy color "windows", showing the dyes that were used during production. And some of them are more modest, and have nothing but the white strip. My selvage bath mats are constructed of individual strips of selvage, which I sew together into squares and then mount onto a terry cloth towel back. Each bath mat is completely unique and original; no two are alike.

This bath mat is sewn onto a new, white, 100% cotton towel (see the last picture.) It's the perfect addition to your bathroom, laundry room, kids room, dorm room, kitchen, or wherever you need a bright splash of floor color. The squares are arranged in a pattern that I call "Basketweave".

Size: 27"x14" (69 x 36 cm). This is a small size rug, perfect for compact spaces like bathrooms, trailers, dorm rooms or tiny houses.

Locally Designed/Handcrafted?: Yes
Your County: Hillsborough County