Words to Live By

I created the design for a client who liked the Arts and Crafts style in architecture and art. I found a font that I felt conveyed that style and began carving out the block...and carved...and carved.

While it was a short text area, I used a small gouge for the detail in the initial at the beginning of the quote and kept using the same size for the remainder of the piece. It is available in other color combinations, unframed and/or without mat.

• This piece is printed in purple and matted with the same color. Since the paper I used was white I used a white frame for contrast. (The photo shows a cream paper and frame but it is bright white.)

• The glass will be replaced with plexiglass prior to shipping to guard against breakage and ensure a lightweight piece to hang in its forever home.

• I am able to match the color of your office or home decor; please inquire.

Locally Designed/Handcrafted?: Yes
Your County: Elsewhere Around Tampa Bay