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We are a family owned and operated business that makes artisan jewelry using natural crystal gemstones to facilitate wellness and a holistic approach to life. Crystal Therapy/vibrational frequency therapy can be achieved by wearing these beautiful stones during meditation, work, rest or play. Crystal therapy will help with focus and clarity of one's intentions. It can be used to relieve stress, anxiety, anger, or understanding. Open your chakras, remove negative energies, protect you and regulate the energy flow throughout your body. Members of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

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Great! Thank you!

So happy with my purchase and in the process of another.

Paula Leslie about listing Natural Blue Tigers Eye Bracelet 12 months ago.

This is my second Birthday purchase this year from Mystic Sisters has been very helpful and customer service friendly getting the gifts to the recipients quickly. The bath salts are amazing and eye pleasing as well. The tiny bottles are the perfect choice to make them stand out and be unique gifts. Thank you for being so easy and great to work with. I will be back.